Our Story

The Green Roof Area Center is a home away from home for many seniors. It provides a wide variety of activities for seniors to participate in. During the day seniors may be found playing cards, doing aerobic exercise, education classes, using our exercise equipment, helping with a service project, or sitting down over a cup of coffee with friends. A noon meal is offered five days a week at the Center for a minimal charge. In the evening and weekends the center is available for meetings or private parties. The younger generations are also encouraged to use the center for activities of their choice. Many seniors who are new to the community find the center the perfect place to meet new friends and become involved in their new home town. Volunteer opportunities abound! The Green Roof Area Center – the perfect place for recreate, congregate, and educate.

Green Roof Area Center Board Members
Chairman: Lloyd Eggert
Vice-Chair: Joe Musel
Secretary: Linda Westvig
Treasurer: Bonnie Kollmann
Past President: Roger Hess

Other Members:
Nandra Looman, Sue Johnson, Steve Moburg, Linda Musel, Allan Solum,
Bert Stanley
Matt Dickhausen, RedDay Herding, Alicia LeBeau,
Inez Jones, Colleen Mueller

Meet Inez!  She works at the Green Roof Area Center and is happy to help.

Inez Jones